Relax and daze into the blue seas and disconnect
to reconnect with the nature.

Relax and daze into the blue seas and disconnect to reconnect with the nature.

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Ara Dinawan Island Retreat

Lifestyle + Eco Island Glamping Retreat

Experience a unique stay in our glamping sanctuary amongst nature + sea at Ara Dinawan Island Retreat and choose to travel consciously with our eco-friendly + sustainable practices.

Set amidst lush rainforest trees over pristine beach and blue seas, rediscover life-style barefoot luxury island glamping with Ara Dinawan Island Retreat.

Located only 30 minutes away from Kota Kinabalu city center and international airport

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This Sabah island paradise is off the beaten track with natural scenic landscape and home to diverse fauna and marine life. Ara Dinawan Island is now one of Sabah’s most beautiful islands, a breathtaking hidden gem among its other wonders.

The name of the island is inspired by it’s oldest resident, the 40-feet flourishing Banyan Tree or locally known as the ‘Ara Tree’ standing regal at the heart of it.

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This tree is rich in history having endured many generations since World War 1 and a refuge to many residents who once lived there during the war and have since then moved to the mainland cities.

Relax and daze into the blue seas, disconnect to reconnect with the nature

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Explore fun sea excursions including parasailing, paddle boarding, free and easy clear kayak or canoe, snorkel among beautiful corals and fishes, retreat in the club house, indulge in Kota Kinabalu’s renown sunset, take part in educational conservation programs or simply, enjoy a leisure walk at the beach - all at your heart’s content.

Ara Dinawan Island is a haven for everyone.

The resort is powered by natural solar-energy throughout the day, fashioned by mostly locally produced and upcycled materials

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The entire resort functions to focus on reducing carbon emissions in operations and daily lives, all in simple luxury and architecture.

About Ara Dinawan Island

Ara Dinawan Island

Ara Dinawan Island Retreat is Sabah Malaysia’s first exclusive eco-friendly and life-style island glamping. Private and personal to its 14-glamping tents residents only, this resort is surrounded by lush rainforest and pristine blue waters offering a holistic approach to relaxation, leisure and education. Featuring mostly locally produced and upcycled materials and powered by solar energy throughout the day.

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